Keeping your work place safe

Mobile Test and Tag Service

With over 10 years of test and tag experience, we will  inspect , test and ensure your electrical appliances are safe and compliant with New Zealand's electrical requirements for your employees or tenants to use.

We supply a full  and comprehensive set of reports and can fix most issues with failed items on the same day. 

This process is sometimes called PAT testing, Portable Appliance Testing, electrical tagging or tag and test. Call it whatever you wish,  just be sure to call us to get it done  correctly.

We have surprised many new clients when we explain that to "test and tag" their items, first we have to unplug each item,  if your service provider races around putting stickers on your appliances, you are at best getting a look and tag service, and some dispense with the looking part. 

Check out our Little Shop Of  Test and Tag Horrors below, to see how even a test and tag electrician can get it wrong.

Single Phase Appliance Test and Tag

We can test and tag any single phase appliance with a New Zealand compliant plug on it, use our service to ensure your appliance safety, and that they comply with the requirements of the electrical test and tag standard AS/NZS3760

You'll find an outline of our test and tag process on our FAQ page.

Three Phase Appliance Test and Tag

No matter what rating/plug configuration, your three phase item has, we can test and tag it to ensure appliance safety with our PAT machine and associated test gear to measure leakage current present in your 3 phase appliances.

RCD Test and Tag

 We can test both Portable Residual Current Devices and Fixed RCD's  (those fitted to your switch boards and protecting the electrical outlets  in your business premises).  Ensuring you are meeting your legal obligation  to provide as far as is reasonably practicable, a safe working environment  for your staff .