Thermal Imaging Inspections

Why Should I Consider A Thermal Imaging Inspection ?

The most common cause of Industrial Property Fires are electrical fires – short circuit, ground fault or other electrical failure. Electrical fires account for an estimated 20% of Industrial Fire Incidents. In many cases, preventative Infra-Red Thermal Imaging of electrical systems can determine potential fire risks, allowing maintenance of electrical systems before an incident occurs. 

A thermal Imaging inspection is an accurate and cost efficient process to identify faults, allowing businesses to remedy the cause of ‘hot-spots’ detected by the thermal scanning process before they incur property damage, or worse still an injury or fatality. 

Many insurance companies are now asking their policy holders/prospect policy holders to provide evidence that they are actively managing electrical risks on their sites by getting :


  • AS/NZS 3019 Visual Periodic Verification Inspections
    Has your insurer adopted a AS/NZS 3019 Visual Periodic Verification  inspection as a way of making sure you are managing electrical risks on  your premises? 

  • Do their requirements include  a Thermographic Imaging inspection?  

We are a Christchurch thermal imaging inspection service that can help you with that part of your electrical safety compliance requirements

Testo 882 Thermal Imaging Camera, we use this to capture thermal images.

Testo 882 Thermal Imaging Camera, we use this to capture thermal images.

What is involved with a thermal imaging inspection?

Thermal scan of Network switcher

Thermal Imaging Inspection Procedure


Using our Testo 882 Thermal Imager, we can make non contact temperature measurements of electrical/mechanical components of switch boards, control cabinets, servers and processing equipment.

Where possible, we will capture Line voltages, and Current Flows in circuits using the other electrical test equipment at our disposal.

Once we have completed our thermal imaging inspection, we will analyze the information our thermal scans contain and produce a detailed report.

 Using those thermal imaging reports, we will then work with your electrical contractor to resolve any issues that we uncover . 

As with all the  electrical compliance services we offer, we will travel to your site, either in Christchurch or elsewhere, call us now to discuss your thermal imaging inspection needs.

Is Your Thermal Imaging Contractor A

Qualified Thermographer

There's almost as many charlatans  offering thermal imaging inspections as there are offering test and tag services, ask to see evidence of their qualifications, if they are opening up your switchboard, they must hold a suitable electrical qualification also (EST, Electrician, Electrical Inspector)